My Audio Feed

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Podcasts are in my earbuds.

I had a request weeks ago from my colleague Ivan here on campus and I’ve been meaning to write this for months. So here goes my list of podcasts currently on my Android phone. For those interested, I have the paid version of BeyondPod. I honestly don’t remember what benefits the paid version gives but I tend to purchase apps (and services) that I use often to give support for creators.

I list the categories in the order of my playlist algorithm. News comes first since I want to hear those as close to release as feasible. If not, they would be “olds” then anyway. I list the podcasts within each category in alphabetical order as they appear on my device.

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Schoology First Impressions

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19467848_b63feca025_mSurprised by Schoology

As mentioned last week, I’ve moved to Schoology as my LMS (Learning Management System) for my courses this semester. I am teaching a total of four groups across three separate courses which means I put two groups of the same course (Fundamentals of Programming using Python) together.

The biggest win for me so far has been the engagement of my students in discussing the out-of-class assigned videos/readings/activities.  I use a modified WSQ system (Watch/Summarize/Question) but please see Crystal Kirch’s (@crystalkirch on Twitter) explanation on her blog.

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Sign My Syllabus

Blurred image of students "signing" the course syllabus.
Blurred image of students "signing" the course syllabus.
Blurred image of students “signing” the course syllabus.

Did you read the syllabus?

Often the syllabus for courses is an exercise in formality of creating a document that we are required to make and ensure students are aware of its existence.  Very rarely do the students actually read the document until they find a motivation to go back and look at it.

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Save your Files in Dropbox for Revision Control

Don't Panic

Dropbox for Scratch Files

Don't PanicI save my scratch code for showing to students in Dropbox for various reasons but mainly so I can get to the code from any computer I happen to be using (yeah, I have too many computers).

This morning I was showing my students how to solve a particular problem in Python for our programming class. The main teaching goal here was to show them the process of developing code towards a final solution.

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Make Office Hours Attractive to Students

Office Hours

I used to set my office hours and really not be concerned about promoting them beyond the obligatory publishing the available hours in my course syllabus.

The video here (courtesy of PHD Comics which I highly recommend) is something any teacher or teaching assistant can identify with. We’ve all had this experience and we do our best to not have our head explode while in this scenario.

This year I have been working to make my office hours utilized and useful to my students and myself. Here I will share some of the tools and tips I have for this.

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