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I had a request weeks ago from my colleague Ivan here on campus and I’ve been meaning to write this for months. So here goes my list of podcasts currently on my Android phone. For those interested, I have the paid version of BeyondPod. I honestly don’t remember what benefits the paid version gives but I tend to purchase apps (and services) that I use often to give support for creators.

I list the categories in the order of my playlist algorithm. News comes first since I want to hear those as close to release as feasible. If not, they would be “olds” then anyway. I list the podcasts within each category in alphabetical order as they appear on my device.


CBC News: World Report – My morning drive to work and feeding some Canadian and international news into the brains of my children whom are in the car that morning on their way to school. (10 minute episodes)

CBC News: World at Six – More often this is consumed on my way home. I live a mere 20 minute walk from work but often the drive to pick up kids and the traffic is more than long enough for this 30 minute episode.

Tech Gypsies Podcast – A recent addition that I found around episode five. Great discussion from two of my blogging and education heroes: Audrey Watters (most famous for Hack Education) and Kin Lane (the API Evangelist) who report on the news of the past week mainly focusing on educational and technology but reaching to other critical issues. Note that this podcast is up here in the news section to give it priority over many similar styles of show below in “Talk Radio”. (30 minutes)


#EdChat Radio – This has been in my feed for years and is a short summary of the weekly #EdChat twitter chats. I like to keep it here since I rarely participate on that chat. (10 minutes)

Access Restringido – A new podcast brought to you by our local ACM Student Chapter and some of my #TC2027 Computer and Information Security students. I love that they created this of their own initiative. (60 minutes).

Flipped Learning Remixed – This is a reboot of the Flipped Learning Podcast from Troy Cockrum and Joan Brown. Back in 2014 I was on episode #93 of that previous podcast and enjoy the new version exploring other areas of education. I would say the focus is on K-12 more than higher education (where I teach). (30 minutes)

Leading Lines – A new podcast from Vanderbilt University hosted (usually) by a colleague Derek Bruff whom I met at the CIIE in 2014. Focus on technology in higher education. (30 minutes)

Teaching in Higher Ed – I’ve been listening to this for over a year now. I love the mix of education and time management tools brought by the host Bonni Stachowiak. I had the pleasure to join Bonni for episode 114 which was titled “Engage the Heart and Mind Through the Connected Classroom” (30 minutes)

The Flip Side with Jon Bergmann – I had the chance to meet Jon about four years ago at his workshop at the Tecnológico d Monterrey. He pushed me to be more public in my work and I owe him so much more as a mentor, colleague and friend. I love Jon’s interviews and was invited on one back in May 2014 titled “Global Insights from a Flipped Class in Mexico”.  (10 minutes)

The HybridPod – Hosted by Chris Friend and a recent find this summer  as I became involved with the Virtually Connecting community and ran into this. Wonderful show, check it out. (30 minutes)

Security Now – I’ve listened to every episode of this podcast hosted by Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte. Good summary of news in security and where I first heard about paleo/primal diet (believe it or not) which sent me down another (healthier) path about 4 years ago.  (120 minutes)

Spark from CBC Radio – Hosted by Nora Young. The website describes it well: “Spark is an ongoing conversation about our rapidly changing world. Along with you, host Nora Young explores how technology, innovation and design affects our lives.” More of my Canadian bias showing but I do love this show. (60 minutes)


The Cult of Hockey – With David Staples and Bruce McCurdy. I just started listening this week but have been following their articles at the Edmonton Journal for years. (60 minutes)

The Lowdown with Lowetide – Hosted by Allan “Lowetide” Mitchell and current producer “Lieutenant Eric” . I have followed Allan’s blog since it started about 10 years ago. I am an #Oilers fan and love the daily posts from Allan and the discussion in the comments section of his blog. (120 minutes)

Talk Radio

Code Switch – From NPR “Race and Identity, Remixed” Just added this and it was recommended from someone on the “Teaching in Higher Ed Slack Community”. I am enjoying this so far and am pretty sure it will stay in the rotation.  (20 minutes)

Freakonomics Radio – I’ve read the books and love this podcast from Stephen Dubner. (45 minutes)

On Being with Krista Tippett – Another recent add. I have only listened to one episode which was released September 22, 2001 just  after 9/11 titled “Where Was God?” (60 minutes)

On Taking Pictures – I love photography but just have not spent enough time pursuing this. At one point I was digging into podcasts while considering buying a new camera. I added this and many others but this one stays due to some wonderful conservation of the hosts Jeffery Saddoris and Bill Waldman. (60 minutes)

Planet Money – More NPR. This is the lone surviving podcast that came as packaged with my installation of BeyondPod. I keep adding and removing NPR podcasts but this one has stayed. Great journalistic pieces.  (20 minutes)

Process Driven – More Jeffery Saddoris. I found this through OTP and enjoy the interviews. (60 minutes)

Revisionist HistoryMalcolm Gladwell. I enjoyed this first season and look forward to another.  (75 minutes)

Robb Wolf – The Paleo Solution Podcast – The only health podcast that has remained since I added *many* during  the start of my journey in health. I love Robb Wolf‘s science background and “no holds barred” attitude.  (60 minutes)


Coverville: Key to the CityBrian Ibbott has been bringing us episodes of covers since 2004, I subscribe to this as a Coverville Citizen. Great work that I support. (90 minutes)

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flickr photo by Orange_Beard https://flickr.com/photos/metrojp/85740389 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license
flickr photo by Orange_Beard https://flickr.com/photos/metrojp/85740389 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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