It Has Been Awhile

My last post on the blog was a year ago yesterday: Journaling during Covid-19 – Entry 592

After many daily posts during the pandemic I reached a point where it was time to stop. That day was particularly significant but I’ll talk about that more perhaps sometime in the future. So the real question is, why start again?

This past year (late November and December 2021 and all of 2022 so far) has been eventful and taxing. Personally we are doing “okay” and have come through this other side of the #covid19 pandemic healthy and together. I want to stress that the pandemic is not over, many people are still coming down with it, many more are suffering from long term effects, and many health care systems are still overloaded and frankly burnt out. I say “the other side” to mean that in our day to day life for this family, it looks much more like 2019 then either of 2020 or 2021 did.

I continued this year to be the lead for our project courses for our pioneer #Tec21 students in each semester right through their 6th semester which ran February-June 2021. I coordinated the groups which included organizing the professors for the classes (3 to 5 depending on the group), the education partner (what we call “socio formador” here), and the 60 students in that generation. I must say that constantly teaching new classes is taxing and it took a toll. That was part of the taking a break from posting on the blog as well as making videos over on  my YouTube channel.

That is in addition to my consulting work (which thankfully has always been remote and continues to this day), my leadership as the director in Guadalajara for the Masters in Cybersecurity program for our institution, and last but not least being a husband and father to three adolescents. I did not break, but I definitely was bent out of shape.

So you will  find me back here posting a little more regularly. No promises of daily posts but when I am ready to say something, you will find it here.

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