Ungrading, a Concept Map


As our assignment this week for our course #augment1, I set out to experiment with some Concept Mapping tools. I am a co-learner with Howard Rheingold and about 20+ brave souls in the online class which lasts five weeks (wrapping up this next week) titled “Augmented Collective Intelligence: Theory and Practice“.

Since my submissions for OpenEd19 in Phoenix, AZ were both accepted recently and one of them is RoundTable on #Ungrading, I decided that a concept map on Ungrading would be relevant. For those interested, the other accepted submission is a lightning talk on setting up a FeedWordPress instance for a connected course.

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Repost: Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, Networking (via Howard Rheingold)

An #Augment1 Post

Collaboration at Nancy White's Graphical Facilitation Session
“Collaboration” flickr photo by cogdogblog https://flickr.com/photos/cogdog/3297221742 shared into the public domain using (CC0)

As seen in my last post, I am participating as a co-learner in a course run by Howard Rheingold titled: Augmented Collective Intelligence: Theory and Practice

In the blogs (private closed space) many of the co-learners are sharing and I am taking care not to bring the conversation of others to the open space but I will share this from Howard in a post he titled “Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, Networking”.

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