As our assignment this week for our course #augment1, I set out to experiment with some Concept Mapping tools. I am a co-learner with Howard Rheingold and about 20+ brave souls in the online class which lasts five weeks (wrapping up this next week) titled “Augmented Collective Intelligence: Theory and Practice“.

Since my submissions for OpenEd19 in Phoenix, AZ were both accepted recently and one of them is RoundTable on #Ungrading, I decided that a concept map on Ungrading would be relevant. For those interested, the other accepted submission is a lightning talk on setting up a FeedWordPress instance for a connected course.

To be honest, this was the first time that I had produced/attempted this in a “real context” that wasn’t simply a throw-away assignment for a professional development session.  I am not really clear what or if there is a distinction between concept map, mind map and other maps that I will admit to being naive on. Commenters can clue me in.

Reaching out on Twitter

To give a place to leave my first version of the concept map as well as to possibly crowd source some help, I sent out an initial tweet which I linked to in our #augment1 course discussion (private location link, useful for co-learners in the course) on Discourse:

Here is the image itself:

Initial version of a concept map on Ungrading
Initial version of a concept map on Ungrading.

That generated some excellent partition the next morning from Jim Luke, Laura Gibbs and Dave Cormier. Follow the twitter thread for more on that.

and later yesterday afternoon I posted a next version:

Here is that image:

Second draft of Concept Map for Ungrading.
Second draft of Concept Map for Ungrading.

That generated some feedback from Bonni Stachowiak, Howard Rheingold and Jim again.

Current Version

Here is an image of the current version as it sits today about noon from my desk. For my own notes and those of co-learners in our #augment1 course, I uploaded a version for my assignment (again, requires permission to enter that site).

Third version of my Concept Map on Ungrading.
Third version of my Concept Map on Ungrading.

I just tweeted that image and a link to this post now (returned here to add the link to the tweet):

What is Next?

This is being created using Cmap from IHMC, the tools is free to use and runs via Java on Linux. Windows, Mac or pretty much any platform that you can throw at it. This was one of the tools suggested for the course.

I would like to look at either setting up a server for Cmap or sharing my concept map to a public cloud available through IHMC or other servers publicly available.


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