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Collaboration at Nancy White's Graphical Facilitation Session
“Collaboration” flickr photo by cogdogblog shared into the public domain using (CC0)

As seen in my last post, I am participating as a co-learner in a course run by Howard Rheingold titled: Augmented Collective Intelligence: Theory and Practice

In the blogs (private closed space) many of the co-learners are sharing and I am taking care not to bring the conversation of others to the open space but I will share this from Howard in a post he titled “Collaboration, Cooperation, Coordination, Networking”.

If you are interested in more of Howard’s work, I recommend checking out his Patreon page.

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When I was teaching college students, I gradually, through trial and error, came up with some protocols to deal with some of the obstacles to student collaboration:

1. Collaborating group must create a charter that both describes the goal of their project and their committments to one another.

2.  In regard to those committments, group must agree on written milestones for each collaborator.

3.  Group must meet regularly and assess progress in regard to milestones.

4.  In regard to final presentation, group must strive to present an integrated, multifaceted presentation — not four or five different reports on different aspects of their assignment; that means evaluating tie-ins during their progress meetings.

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