This is a bit of a recycled post from my presentation at FlipCon Adelaide 2016. The talk was on November 18 and I’ll include the video of the keynote and the slides below.

After many years of planning, we are live in our launch of our #ModeloTec21 degree programs at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. These programs have many innovative practices and the key component is a fully planned out program based on competencies. In many ways the work I have done over the past 6 years innovating my practices in my classroom and sharing through workshops and speaking engagements with educators has prepared me for this. Much of it comes into practice and I should be documenting that here even more.

Perhaps this is my push to post more here. Perhaps.

Adding a note that there is a nice post by Brendan Mitchell summarizing the live tweets during my keynote, check that out here: “FlipCon Adelaide Day Two: Ken Bauer and What is Professional Development?

Video of Keynote

For a short time this video was taken down on request from ClickView. After communicating with them via Twitter (check the thread here), the report was a mistake and was rescinded so everything is fine. Thanks to ClickView for correcting this quickly!



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