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Yes, the previous post declared that summer is here but I refuse to follow the crowd. End of the January-May semester signals summer but it also signals my spring cleaning of my office space which includes the physical accumulation of papers as well as the digital.

Back to Linux

I have my first non-Mac laptop since 2005.  I truly enjoyed the quality of the Mac hardware and there were are software applications that I will miss but I wanted to push back to Linux as my mobile computing platform. My main workspace at home has always been Linux (currently an install of Kubuntu), I have been promoting Linux for use by students and colleagues since the 90s.

So my new laptop (provided by the Tecnológico de Monterrey) is a very nice mobile workstation: an HP ZBook 15 G3. Quad-core i7 processor, currently 16GB of memory (soon to be 32GB and can max at 64GB), a fast 250GB m2 sata boot drive and a large 1TB data drive. This machine is rock and roll and officially supports both Ubuntu and RHEL.

I clean restored the machine so it is currently running Windows 10 Enterprise with a virtual machine install of Kubuntu. When I have a day to reset everything and not worry about being “without laptop” I will document the process of setting up a dual-boot environment on this machine.

Why dual-boot and not pure Linux? There are software packages that do require Windows (or Mac). I am a fan of Camtasia from TechSmith, our institution still depends on using Office documents which “can” open/save in LibreOffice but it makes a mess. So leaving a partition for Windows will let me jump back to those when needed.

Featured Image Credit

<a title="clean" href="https://flickr.com/photos/queen_of_subtle/2459512322">clean</a> flickr photo by <a href="https://flickr.com/people/queen_of_subtle">the queen of subtle</a> shared under a <a href="https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/">Creative Commons (BY-NC) license</a> </small>
clean flickr photo by the queen of subtle shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license



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