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Edit (Feb13, 2019): I setup a new self-hosted Known instance and am using that as my main social media hub. New posts will be over there.

The “First Post” on this blog was back in 2013 but I’ve had a presence on the web since the 1990s. My first page would have been one that I had as a graduate student at the University of Washington (1993-1995). In fact one of the early (and extremely popular) web search engines WebCrawler was hacked on by some of my office mates at the time. I believe that our offices were in Sieg Hall 233, but perhaps some office mates (Lauren, Erik, Przemek, Rene, Ross and others that my memory fails on).

Later, I had web pages on the server under my desk which responded to queries at before it was shut down by administrative staff. It had a long run offering services to staff and students. Some of it still lives on at the Internet Archive. My first installations of the Moodle LMS for faculty were housed there and I’m still supporting some staff (well, one) with a sibling of that original Moodle install.

Image of an Internet Archive save of my old web page at
“Canuck lives on” flickr photo by kenbauer shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Reboot of the Blog

So, I had looked into the #IndieWeb movement about the time I was looking at #DoOO. See “A Brief History of Domain of One’s Own, Part 1” by Jess Reingold for a primer. I remember watching Ben Werdmüller and Erin Jo Richey talking about their project Known on This Week in Google episode 266 in June 2014 with hosts Leo Laporte, Kevin Marks, and Jeff Jarvis.  My Known site is still up, I was an early supporter and have a t-shirt somewhere. I do wonder when Erin and Ben will pull the plug on me. :)

Silo Quits

So I wrote last week about implementing my Facebook Free February (see “Paint It (Facebook), Black“) and it got some traction. We had a lively discussion in our Virtually Connecting community where I didn’t expect much that a couple of reactions to sharing my post. That was a wonderful conversation among friends and even one colleague decided to give it a go as well. Thanks for the Tweet George, I am not missing Facebook just yet.

So, Greg McVerry who is part of our Virtually Connecting community and active in the #IndieWeb community linked to my post on the #IndieWeb wiki under Silo Quits and let me know. Of course that sent me down a rabbit hole (in a good way) and I have decided to dig deeper into my independent web presence once more. Thanks Greg, I appreciate this. Excellent timing.

I rebooted the theme with my own fork (perhaps I will make changes and push them back) of ZenPress and cleaned up the plugins. I already setup my web sign-in to #IndieWeb via IndieAuth and my h-card and now working on getting proper setup for h-entry and h-feed. Baby steps, of course I won’t get pulled into the vortex….

Featured Image Credit

A quick search on Flickr of IndieWeb provided various candidates but this one from one of the co-founders Aaron Parecki resonated with me.

Image of Tweet by Aaron Parecki: ""I was alive when ppl thought it was amazing to have a fax machine. Now I'm alive when ppl think it's amazing to still have a fax machine" @bruces #sxsw #sterling13 - Aaron Parecki"
“”I was alive when ppl thought it was amazing to have a fax machine. Now I’m alive when ppl think it’s amazing to still have a fax machine” @bruces #sxsw #sterling13 – Aaron Parecki” flickr photo by aaronparecki shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license






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