Lider Disciplina

Applying for a national level position

flickr photo by stanlupo (Thanks for 1,000,000 Views) shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license
flickr photo by stanlupo (Thanks for 1,000,000 Views)[email protected]/11611067634 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

The Tecnológico de Monterrey put out a call for applications for national level coordinators for five distinct areas of study. This is my application letter for one of those positions. The deadline for applying is today (May 25, 2015) and the published date for notification is June 15, 2015.

I really believe this is an excellent opportunity for the Tecnológico de Monterrey to engage their faculty across all of our campuses to enable the #unSoloTec ideal.

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Inspirational Professor 2014

A Year of Inspiration

Update: I did not win the prize but I win by having the support of great colleagues and students with whom I work everyday.

Thank you for all of the support from my colleagues.
Thank you for all of the support from my colleagues.

A note about this post

This is a slightly modified version of the letter I wrote to apply for an award for “Inspirational Professor”.  I’ve done some reformatting for the blog format but the content is the same as what I sent to the awards committee.

How I created more impact on students by paying more attention to teachers.

flickr photo by TomJByrne shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license
flickr photo by TomJByrne shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

I wish to leave the main petition for my application as an inspirational professor in the words (and hands) of my colleagues that I worked with over the past years and in particular for the purposes of this award in 2014. You will find letters of recommendation from my colleagues in the folder labeled professors. Some of these are professors from Campus Guadalajara, others are professors from other campuses or staff working in support of educational innovation at the Tecnológico de Monterrey.  A colleague from outside of our system also sent a short note which I choose to include since it shows the impact my writing and sharing has on educators and students globally.  I implore you to read those letters since there is no better way to show support for my inspiring of teachers than from the hand of those teachers themselves.

Note that these letters referenced above are not linked here since I didn’t request permission to publish those. If I do get permission, I will include those here too.

Nevertheless, I should leave a list here of my accomplishments during the calendar year 2014. Much of this can be gleaned from my curriculum vitae (long and short versions included in my submission) but those documents tend to be cold without leaving intent or a story with it. More of the story can be found in my twenty six blog posts in 2014.  Much of my preparation of this letter was aided by a review of those posts. Most are academic in nature and related to my work in education but a few of those posts may be related to general life. Feel free to skip the ones that do not interest you.

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Why Blog?

Note: this is an excerpt (my portion with slight edits) of a post originally at

Blogging with WordPress

creative commons licensed (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo by Kristina B:
creative commons licensed (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo by Kristina B:

Yesterday I presented about WordPress as well as why and how our faculty and staff could use it.

If anyone would like to create a blog on campus, contact Ken who is administering our local installation of WordPress. You can contact Ken for the technical as well as creative/content sides of blogging via email at [email protected] requesting your blog (if you are the self-learning type) or make an appointment to spend 30 minutes with Ken so he can sit down with you in person and help you get started. You can make an appointment using Ken’s appointment system.

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Focus on the Goal

focus courtesy
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Trying to Focus

We are getting into the heart of our semester here at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara and the students are writing their “first partial” exams this week and next. I mentioned on Facebook that my writing dropped off while trying to kick off two of my main projects for this year.

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The Value of Academic Retreats

Ken's name badge at our retreat.
I customized my badge with keywords and the title I want on my business cards.

I love retreats

To start off the semester I participated in an academic retreat to define projects for our implementation at Campus Guadalajara for Tec21.  I always enjoy participating in these activities and especially at the beginning of a semester and calendar year.

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Flip your Class Tec de Monterrey

tec rainbox flipEvangelizing the Flip

I am heading up a project to lead those at my campus and institution who want to consider flipping their classrooms.

If you work with me at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Tec Milenio, Tec Virtual or Tec Salud feel free to join us.

My apologies for those at Tec Virtual and Tec Salud for not including your hashtag on the tweet.

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