Workshop Outline

My classrooms are very student-centred whether I am working with my undergraduate students or my faculty colleagues. This is really a rough outline and I hope, expect and encourage you to push our workshop in the direction that works best for all of you.

Pre-work –  Do This Before the Workshop

Of course, if you don’t do this we can still continue; the reason for this pre-work is to stimulate conversation at the beginning of our session.

Read/Watch the following:


Monday 9am-1pm

  • What is and why do we want Open Educational Resources (OER)?
  • The five star scale of OER
  • Creative Commons Licenses
  • Other Licenses
  • Finding, using and crediting OER
  • How to publish, what format and where?
  • Fear and Desire

Tuesday 9am-1pm

  • Harness your LMS (Learning Management System)
  • or perhaps pursue LFT (Learning Facilitation Tools)
  • Sharing and why you should Blog
  • Creating and publishing videos, audio
  • Community resources to help you move forward

Big Ball of Links

I have a list of resources for you to peruse at your leisure. Some of these we watch in the session on Monday, some we may view on Tuesday and some I simply glossed over to explain their relevance on this list. (my link to this list is dead, I hope to resurrect it and relink again sometime)

Feature Image Credits

flickr photo by mathplourde shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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