On site at FlipCon15

I will post notes and links to work related to my first session at FlipCon15 titled “Engaging Busy Educators with PD” in this post.


Engaging Busy Educators – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Videos that I may have used

Depending on time, I have these videos queued up. The first two are of Linda Licon who was in my “alpha” version of this course in the summer of 2014. The third is Joel Huegel at the end of the second version in the fall of 2014. The last is a video explaining the process of being in a MOOC (in particular cMOOC) from David Cormier.


Pre-conference link

You can find the pre-conference material and description at http://blog.kenbauer.me/2015/03/25/flipcon15-pd/

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