On site at FlipCon15

I will post notes and links to work related to my second session atFlipCon15 titled “Creating a Culture of Sharing, Caring and Mastery” in this post.
The on site schedule link for my session is here http://flipcon15.sched.org/event/bcc66102c477852c44893b618bdfe726#.VaY2xpFViko


Creating a Culture of Sharing, Caring and Mastery – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Videos that I may have used


Pre-conference link

You can find the pre-conference material and description


Go Shopping at the CogDog Cafe

I showed you this for your classes, great tool PechaFlickr. This is brought to you by the amazing and super sharing (do NOT call it stealing) CogDog


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