tec rainbox flipEvangelizing the Flip

I am heading up a project to lead those at my campus and institution who want to consider flipping their classrooms.

If you work with me at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Tec Milenio, Tec Virtual or Tec Salud feel free to join us.

My apologies for those at Tec Virtual and Tec Salud for not including your hashtag on the tweet.

The Journey has Started

I have given a few workshops introducing colleagues here in Guadalajara to flipping and am scheduled for more next month and early next year. These are short three hour workshops and I would love to hear about what people would like to see in future sessions going into 2014. Please let me know on our group or in the comments below.

Join Us

Come join the conversation on our Facebook page. More information on Flipped Learning can be found on this Google Page.


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