Leader: Yeah, another Boromir meme.
Yeah, another Boromir meme.

Are You a Leader?

I’ve always been an active (some say hyperactive) person in any of my places of employment. I always look for ways to improve or optimize processes. I’ve done this in my capacity as a cook/chef-in-training, truck driver (bet you didn’t know that), software engineer, teaching assistant, teacher, graduate student, and more.

I am Loud Because I Care

Let’s get this clear up front. If I really did not care, I would walk away or be silent. I am loud because I am passionate about what I do. I realize there are others with just as much passion that are more timid than I am. I get that, really I do.

Why This, Why Now?

I came up with the idea for this meme image this morning in the shower and sat on it throughout the day. I want to post something daily. Today was filled with teaching, planning projects, meeting with my teaching assistants and students learning to make use of my liberal policy for office hours.

In fact, today has been a spectacular day with interaction in person and online with various people.

I just still wanted to get this image out there and couldn’t come up with a better blog post for today.

How Was Your Day?

I’m listening, jump in and suggest a topic or point me to the best article/post/conversation you saw online today.


4 thoughts on “Being a Leader

  1. My suggestion on leadership is the Shackleton’s story.
    If you can, read it. It is amazing.
    If you want we can chat about it. And aftewards, you could tell me about your truck driving days :)

  2. It is great you share your eagerness and passions,

    And although I agree with much of what you share (specially the MeMe) I must emphasise on the point that one of the most important tasks of a Leader is that of creating more Leaders instead of followers. I can, without a doubt, that with your role as a teacher you have accomplished that in many ways and wish to congratulate you and thank you for that.

    Not all leaders are loud, some of the most successful leaders have been known for their introvert personality. They focus on their passion, they do it the best they can, they do it good and people notice.

    I would like to sit down at one point and discuss this with you as I can promise you it is a topic that can definitely take you on great conversational journeys.

    1. Thanks Martin! I am a social introvert so introverts can be loud in their own way. Definitely agree with your point about cultivating leaders, that is the heart of this message but I failed to communicate that. I was thinking about that this morning.

      What I really want to point out is that you do not need a title to lead (although people with titles can lead).
      The point is that anyone can be a leader and the only way to become one is to start leading more.

      Yes, come visit and have coffee anytime!

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