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Are you on Twitter?

I’ve been using Twitter for over five years apparently but my use has picked up significantly in the last year. tells me my “Twitter age” to the day as seen below.

But I don’t want to tweet about what I ate.

Yes, there are many people tweeting about what they ate for breakfast/lunch/dinner or their location on any particular time of day. Twitter is a social media platform and we can use it for whatever we choose.

So how do I use it for Education?

Excellent question, I am glad you asked. I’ll leave my list of uses (in no particular order). Follow to the next section for a link to a great getting started guide that someone posted on Twitter today. See? I get information for these blog posts from Twitter.

  • Following other educators that I admire and want to learn from. Usually I follow posts they like or created themselves or get leads on upcoming conferences or events I could be interested in.
  • Participate in weekly “chats” on Twitter. I try to follow both the #flipclass (Monday evenings) and #edchat (Tuesdays) discussions.
  • Communicate with my students. Some of my current and past students follow me but I also use #hashtags specific to my classes to send reminders and links.
  • Create a back-channel during a conference or class using a hashtag for others to participate with
  • Post what I ate for breakfast….. (kidding)

How to get Started

Erin Klein ( posted a link to an article with a great getting started guide just this morning. The original article is by Justin Tarte.

Your turn

How are you using Twitter in your professional life? Let us know below.



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