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WordPress Blogs for Projects

This semester I am teaching a course which is project based and the students are developing applications for Android in small teams. This is first time I have taught this course and the first time in over a year that I am teaching an upper level course in our program. The program was closed (long story) for two years and re-opened just over two years ago so we now have students in their 6th semester of studies of a nice semester program.

Sharing their Work

I wrote about creating an Open Classroom last year and this experiment will be a first step towards that. Each team will post their projects on a blog I created for my projects courses weekly to report status and their experiences. I just created their accounts (and the blog) this week and will be sharing updates and links to the blog as we move forward.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that is easy to use and powerful. If you are interested in the easy setup for your own blog and do not want to mess around with setup, just head on over to setup your own blog on the official WordPress hosted site.

Since WordPress is open source, you are free to download the software and setup your own hosted version of the platform which offers some advantages, most of which are about control of your data and more control over the look of your site. If that interests you, then this is the right site to download WordPress.

John Saddinton (@saddington on Twitter) has some great information on using WordPress and wrote a series about just that here.

Your Turn

Are you using blogs in your classroom or work environment? What tips can you share with us?


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    1. Your writing rocks John. I point people to it often. I still need to do the colophon for my blog, I have that post in draft form but should finish it soon.

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