Over 1000.
Over 1000.

One Thousand Views

I started this working year with a plan to write close to one post per day. Secretly, I also set a goal of breaking 1000 page views in a month sometime in this first semester.

Stick to the Plan

This is my 14th post since Monday January 6th which is 14 for 19 calendar days or we can view it as 14 for 15 work  days. That seems close to my goal so far this month.

One could also say that is also 14 for 24 so far and the truth is I would like to average close to one post per calendar day.  If we include 3 posts so far this month on my blog at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara, the numbers look closer to that goal.

Achievement Unlocked

The goal was 1000 page views in a calendar month but I already hit that many visits and over 1500 page views sometime early today.

Over 800 unique visitors
Over 800 unique visitors

My goal was based on an average month of about 400 page views and my best previous month of October which reached 1365 page views and 655 visits (497 unique).

Google Analytics is fun by the way.

What Next?

I think my next goal should be much higher since I obviously set the bar so low at first. I am going to shoot much higher and see if we can hit 5000 page views in some month this year.

Thank You

Stats from October 2013
Stats from October 2013

Thank you to readers and especially the kind friends leaving comments here. I know most of you personally but hope to meet new friends through this social medium as well as others like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest and more.


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