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Conference Presentation

This is support for my short 15 minute presentation at the 3rd Annual International Conference on Innovation in Education (my translation to English) in Mexico City on December 13, 2016.

Tools of the Trade

I’ve written before about my work with various tools, the focus lately is on student blogging and using a FeedWordPress setup to create a connected course where my students (and anyone else) can view the syndicated posts of the students in a single place.

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Students, Teachers and Control

Control is a curious word. Many of my colleagues at the Tecnológico de Monterrey know me as “that flipping teacher” which comes from my embracing #flipclass four years ago and evangelizing that approach to colleagues on campus, across the system as well as nationally and internationally.

Yes, #flipclass has been good to me but it tends to pigeonhole me with that label. I do so much more in my classroom (connected classrooms, #oer, giving my students voice, active learning) which I consider going beyond flipped class. I really should blog more about my classroom. Hmm.

The key component of #flipclass to me and the most important “flip” for me is the flip of responsibility in the classroom. I want my students to take control of their learning while I slide into a role as a guide and mentor.  Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams talk about this in their book “Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day

Guide on the side and not the sage on the stage.
— Bergmann and  Sams

Another inspiration on my pedagogy is Keith Hughes (@hiphughes on Twitter), go search out his #TeacherTips which should become coffee table books for teacher’s lounges.  One key concept I take from Keith is the term “Facilitator of Learning Experiences”. I love that expression and use it often to explain my role in the classroom.

I would prefer you go watch and listen to Keith explain this:

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FlipCon16 Workshop

I’m leading a FlipCon 16 workshop on the topic of online organization and sharing with Cara Johnson this year in the morning and afternoon. We are expecting participants to come with questions, problems and solutions so that we can work together to create together.  In other words, this is not a “sit and get” session or a talk.

Your Data, your Sharing, your Platform

What type of data are you looking to share and where are you looking to share it?

Ken has experience on various Learning Management System platforms including Moodle, Blackboard, Schoology.  Even if I have not used your platform, I am a nerd and systems person and I installed and have maintained a Moodle install for my colleagues since about 2003. Throw any problem my way and we can work it out together.

The main data I share and the locales for that data are:

  • Images and (some) video: I mainly share on Flickr since I can define the license I release them under as well as choose to keep some private (for my own archival purposes) as well as others public (so others can find and remix them). Do you know how to search on Flickr and give credit for the media you find there?
  • Videos: I mainly share screencasts as well as auto-published Google Hangouts on Air sessions to YouTube.
  • Mixed media content: My platform of choice is a blog and in particular WordPress (like this blog you are on now). You can use the free (or pay for extras) version at or use any of many hosting services to host your own blog using the open source software. If you want a recommendation of where to host, I highly recommend ReclaimHosting, they have excellent support and are educators that know what we need. Tell them Ken Bauer sent you.
    I actually have this personal blog as well as various other blogs for each of my classes and projects that I participate on. I find WordPress extremely friendly and flexible in order to mold it to what I need it for.
  • Audio: I don’t share a lot of audio, but I have shared some on SoundCloud so you may want to look there as an option.
  • Code: I am a software engineer and teach undergraduate software engineering and programming so I highly recommend GitHub and they have education accounts and resources.

What Else are you Sharing?

How else can we help you today? Let us know.

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flickr photo by cogdogblog shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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OpenFlip is English/Spanish

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flickr photo by kenbauer shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Alternating paragraphs of English/Spanish here since we have a mixed audience. I invite corrections to my Spanish (or English). We plan (and always have with OpenFlip) to support work in both English and Spanish since Ken and April are native speakers of English with enough Spanish to work with teachers in both languages. Feel free to pursue this course in your language of choice or even try interacting with participants in both languages.

Párrafaros alternando aquí de inglés y español. Invito corregir mi español (o inglés). Tenemos planeado (y siempre ha sido así con OpenFlip) dar soporte en inglés y español dado que Ken y April tienen inglés como su lengua nativo con suficiente nivel en español para trabajar con maestros en los dos idiomas. Están bienvenidos en participar en el curso en cualquier de los dos idiomas o incluso dar el reto de interactuar con participantes con los dos.

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