Carne Asada

Entry 111 for Sunday August 2, 2020

The core questions:

Credit goes to Ben and readers of his blog for these “Four Questions” and the five stretch questions.

  1. What did you do today? Mostly relaxing, a melt down at home with some of us; dinner with some extended family “carne asada”.
  2. What did you enjoy? A nice meal and getting out of the house driving a short distance. Ice cream on the way home with the boys.
  3. What did you find difficult? Being in such close quarters all day, every day can create tension.
  4. What has changed? I got out of the house and had some ice cream. It was good.

Featured Image Credit

Some chile peppers over a very hot grill.
“DSCN0511” flickr photo by mrkalolo shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Video Released Today

Still none.



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