Mr. Hockey

Entry 033 for Saturday May 16, 2020

The core questions:

Credit goes to Ben and readers of his blog for these “Four Questions” and the five stretch questions.

  1. What did you do today? Mostly relaxing; cleaning up my workstation in preparation for a Linux dual-boot setup; household cleaning; dominoes with the family.
  2. What did you enjoy? Reviewing the comments on my posts on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook about Teachers’s Day resulted in some very nice comments from the 25+ years of students I have had the pleasure to teach.
  3. What did you find difficult? I’m feeling exhausted. Trying to check on family, friends and students to see that they are okay.
  4. What has changed? Finished my “Kitchen Confidential” book at started into another audio book: “Mr. Hockey”, an autobiography by Gordie Howe.

Featured Image Credit

Portrait of the immortal Gordie Howe at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.
“Mr. Hockey” flickr photo by PatTorfe shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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