The Idea

Many of us in education are now working from home. This can be challenging as we juggle family responsibilities, finding quiet space for each member of the family to work, as well as time together with family to work through issues and concerns in the middle of a pandemic.

We need time to talk with colleagues and friends. It helps us to realize that we are not alone with our challenges in these times as well as an opportunity to learn and teach with others.

The Plan

Every weekday at 11am and 4pm my local time, I will host a chat in Zoom. The plan for now is three days in English, two days in Spanish. Schedule and link below in the details.

Here in Guadalajara, we are currently on Central Standard Time until April 5th. See details at

So the schedule may shift locally for you depending on your current location and daylight saving time schedule.

The Details

The sessions will be held using Zoom (no recording will be made), please contact Ken via email kenbauer at or via a direct message on Twitter, Facebook or wherever else you can find me online.


Generally, every weekday at 11am and 4pm Central time in Mexico (9amPDT/noonEDT and 2pmPDT/5pmEDT).

  • This week some 11am sessions cancelled as I have some training meetings in preparation for the fall semester.

For your convenience, the current week’s schedule with widgets to convert to your local time zone are below.

Past meetings

  • Wednesday March 25 (English) Thanks for joining: Joe, Cam and Luis.
  • Jueves 26 de marzo (español) Gracias por asistir Gabriela, Eduardo, Rocío, Gloria y Mahdi.
  • Friday March 27 (English) Thanks to 9 attendees, the record so far. Some from SUNY and other institutions!
  • Monday March 30 (English) cancelled (I got busy)
  • Martes 31 de marzo (español) also cancelled (schedule conflict)
  • Wednesday April 1 (English) Thank you to Gabriela and Lamberto (México), Joe (USA) and Eva (Netherlands) for joining.
  • Jueves 2 de abril (español) Gracias por asistir Conxa desde España y mi colega Miguel del Tec de Monterrey en Puebla.
  • Friday April 3 am session (English) Thank you to Tec de Monterrey colleagues Mahdi and Pablo and guests from UK, USA and Canada Lawrie, Donna, Bonnie and Dave. This was a marathon 1+ hour wonderful session.
  • Friday April 3 pm session (English) Thank you to Gabriela and Chuck for joining.
  • Monday April 6 am session (English) Thanks to Gabriela, Gerardo P. and Cam for joining.
  • Monday April 6 pm session (English) Thank you To Jakob for joining. Great one to one conversation!
  • Martes 7 de abril sesión de la mañana (español) Gracias Donna, Andrea, Martha y Gabriela.
  • Wednesday April 8 am session (English) Thank you so much to Sheila, Maha, Autumm and Joe for joining me.
  • Jueves 9 de abril sesión de la mañana (español) Gracias a Eduardo y Mahdi por acompañarme.
  • Monday April 13 am session (English) Thank you to Alan, Mahdi and Gerardo S. for joining.
  • Martes 14 de abril sesión de la mañana (español) Gracias a Paco (desde España) por acompañarme.
  • Wednesday April 15 (English) Thanks for joining Pablo and Miguel.
  • Jueves 16 de abril (español) Gracias Angie.
  • Friday April 17 am session (English) Thank you to Gerardo P. and Apostolos for joining.
  • Friday April 17 pm session (English) Thank you to Orchid, Joe and Luis for joining me.
  • Monday April 20 am session (English) Thank you to Matthew for joining me for coffee.
  • Martes 21 de abril sesión de la mañana (español) Gracias Mahdi!
  • Martes 21 de abril sesión de tarde (español) Gracias por acompañarme Edgar.
  • Wednesday April 22 am session (English) Thanks to Joy, Joe and Miguel for joining.
  • Wednesday April 22 pm session (English) Thanks to Tim and Jakob for joining.
  • Jueves 23 de abril pm session (español) Gracias por acompañarme Gilberto.
  • Friday April 24 am session (English): thanks for joining Lawrie, Donna and Julia.
  • Friday April 24 pm session (English): thank you to Mo for joining me!
  • Monday April 27 am session (English) We switched to Spanish as it was just Gerardo P. and myself. Great conversation.
  • Monday April 27 pm session (English) Another great conversation with Jakob.
  • Martes 28 de abril sesión de la tarde (español). Gracias por acompañarme Gilberto, excelente conversación.
  • Wednesday April 29 am session (English) Thank you so much to Phil for joining me.
  • Jueves 30 de abril sesión de la mañana (Spanglish) Thanks Miguel for your regular visit and first time coffee visitor Rebecca.
  • Jueves 30 de abril sesión de la mañana (Spanglish) Thanks to regular Mahdi and first time coffee visitor Cinthya
  • Friday May 1 am session A nice discussion with Miguel.
  • Monday “May the 4th be with you”: No visitors, first time no #educoffee visitors
  • Martes 5 de mayo: None this day as well, morning session was cancelled for meetings.
  • Wednesday May 6: both sessions cancelled due to meetings for work.
  • Jueves 7 de mayo (pm): Thanks for joining Mahdi. We mostly switched to English and it was so good to catch up.
  • Friday May 8 am session. Thanks for Joe, Phil and Miguel for joining me. This brightened up my morning.
  • Friday May 8 pm session. Thank you Jakob for joining me this afternoon!
  • Monday May 11. No sessions today.
  • Martes 12 de mayo. Ninguna sesión por clase y juntas de trabajo.
  • Wednesday May 13 am session. A great conversation with Phil.
  • Wednesday May 13 pm session. Thanks for joining again Joy and our first time a student joining: Jorge.
  • Jueves 14 de mayo (am) Gracias por compartir cafe conmigo Miguel.
  • Friday May 15 (pm) Thanks for joining me Keegan.
  • Monday May 18 (am) Thanks to Cam, Joel and Miguel for joining this morning. Great conversation.
  • Wednesday May 20 (am) Thanks for joining for conversation Miguel.
  • Jueves 21 de mayo (am) Gracias Miguel.
  • Friday May 22 (pm) Thanks for a great discussion Jakob.
  • Monday May 25 (am) Thanks for joining Mahdi!


Let me know what you think or if we need another time for these sessions. I pace myself to take breaks during the day.

If you are looking for a personal one-to-one chat, feel free to use my scheduler for a meetings with me. You can find that at

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Picture of mocha coffee with steamed milk design.
“Coffee Art” flickr photo by kenbauer shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

40 thoughts on “Educator Coffee (or Tea) Time

  1. Ken, aunque solo he pasado dando una vista por aquí…sin más que leer títulos y algunos datos de los chat. Me siento invitada para llegar en otro momento. La idea de tomar un café…atrapa.
    Gracias, en otro momento….llevo mi café. Me gusta escuchar….observar.
    Ahh y olvidaba comentar el tipo de letra de los títulos y el tipo de escritura son fantásticas para mi.

    Saludos desde Guatemala.

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