I only wrote three blog posts on this blog in 2018 and not much elsewhere. Last year was a good year but also stressful in many aspects of work and life. I keep telling my students to learn to say “no” to requests and I thought that I had learned that years ago. I still need to improve on that, blogging took a back seat to focus on many other activities.

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  • I am coming up on three years as the chair of the board of directors of the Flipped Learning Network. This was a massive transitional period for this non-profit organization. We continue to strive to be the place for information and community in this area but adapting to “post founders” has been a struggle at some points. I must give a huge thank you to all of the board members and community members that have kept this going. I believe it has a reason to exist and that it will. Do I step down this year as chair and take a back seat? Time will tell. I need to decide that soon. We are running two conferences this year, please check out FlipTech New England (outside of Boston, MA, USA, June 28-29, 2019) and FlipTech Colombia (in Bogotá, Colombia, July 12-13, 2019). Check out the conference site for more info.
  • I had to look back to check since it seems like longer. I have been active with the Virtually Connecting community since the summer of 2015 and last year was named as the “Latin America lead”. I truly feel guilty that this work has taken a back seat in 2018 and want to commit more time in this project in the coming year. I love this community and they push my thinking in the pedagogy/andragogy space in particular.
  • Speaking of the number three, this was the third year that I was able to attend (and present at this year) the Annual Open Education Conference. I knew some from this community through Virtually Connecting and have so many names to thank for great conversations in the sessions and hallways. I am passionate in this field and in particular in the Open Educational Practioner #OEP space more so than OER. Stay tuned.
  • Here on campus at the Tec de Monterrey I was busy in projects for our Tec21 changes as well as working on important projects in the CyberSecurity area and for a Jalisco government project (Universidad Digital).
  • Family life is always full as I attempt to pull my share of the load (and pleasures) of being a husband and father to three children. We now have two teenagers and the youngest is not far behind. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful and supportive family.

So here is to a wonderful 2019, I intend to be blogging more but make no promise or declaration here.

View from my standing desk. I moved to a new office location in August, 2018. You can see the air force base next door.

"My View in 2019" flickr photo by kenbauer https://flickr.com/photos/ken_bauer/46539287502 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license
View from my standing desk. I moved to a new office location in August, 2018.

My View in 2019 flickr photo by kenbauer shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

10 thoughts on “Kicking off 2019

  1. Good start! Welcome to 2019…the year the Oilers make a late season surge and win the cup ;)

    1. Ken Bauer says:

      Thanks Clint. We are the faithful, I still believe.

    2. You mean the Ryder Cup, right?

      1. Ken Bauer says:

        Hey, at least the Battle of Alberta is getting interesting. We need a good Flames team to push the Oilers and vice-versa. Now if they would only fix the playoff format. Sean McIndoe from The Athletic (subscription required but I am a fan of this service) wrote an excellent article on that topic: https://theathletic.com/731285/2018/12/26/down-goes-brown-how-id-fix-the-nhls-playoff-format/

  2. Luis Peña says:

    You have great things ahead of you this year my friend.

    1. Ken Bauer says:

      Thanks Luis, have an excellent year. I hope to see you at least a few times in 2019.

  3. Nice post. As a founder of a non profit (https://youngwritersproject.org) who has stepped down from the post, I can relate on several levels.

    1. Ken Bauer says:

      Thanks Geoffrey!

  4. Happy 2019, dear Ken!
    Wow, participating in the TEC21 changes must have kept you really busy!!! I’m really excited for all of what 2019 will bring to us and to the FLN! Great post!

    1. Ken Bauer says:

      Thanks Carolina, I am looking forward to meeting you in person this summer!

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