Reflections in November


So for various reasons I decided to move back to hosting instead of my self-hosted WordPress installation.

The export/import migration chewed up many of my images which forced me to review each post for broken images and patch them up.

While doing that I needed to cleanup some pages which gave me the chance to review my posts.  That was informative and gave me some ideas of why I should be writing more (sharing my experiences and reflecting) as well as what about (the what and why of my daily experiences teaching mostly).

Reaching the end of 2014

Back in January I wrote about my plans for 2014. Looking back in November I can say that in many aspects I have surpassed my expectations:

  1. Family First
  2. Flipping Evangelist
  3. Social Network of Learning
  4. Writing Often.

Two out of Three out of Four Ain’t Bad.

This is Your Space Too

Please give feedback here. Should I still post about non-education items like my paleo/primal adventures? What about cooking and recipes in general?  Any comments on the new look of the blog?

Photo Credit

Find the original photo of the Soyuz launch here


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