Blogging Research Wordle - CC by Kristina B
Blogging Research Wordle – CC by Kristina B

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I’ve only been writing here for a short time and if my count is correct this is my thirty-fourth post. But I’ve been reading blogs for as long as blogs have been around.

My Regular Reads

In no particular order, just copy/pasting as they come off my RSS reader ( by the way). Any book links are through my affiliate account, it can’t hurt to help support my own book-reading Kindle habit!


Health (big topic including diet, exercise, food recipes, minimalism)

  • Becoming Minimalist – I follow various blogs on the topic, but this is my favourite.
  • Mark’s Daily Apple – Mark Sisson is a leader of the Primal/Paleo movement and a great writer. I read the blog, have read the books and follow much of what Mark teaches for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Grok on!
  • Robb WolfThe Paleo Solution was one of the first I read about Paleo. Robb Wolf is one of the most vocal leaders in the Paleo community and has the science background to back up what he rants on about. His podcast with Greg Everett is great listening as well.
  • Nom Nom Paleo – Michelle is an amazing writer and photographer. I came here for the recipes but stayed for the view into the life of a real family applying paleo principals to their lives. She just released a cookbook (Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans) which I bought and am loving so far.
  • Jan’s Sushi Bar – the posts have not been coming recently but these are great and filled with humour and recipes. Not just about sushi by the way.
  • Civilized Caveman – great recipes from George.
  • Balanced Bites – Diane Sanfilippo has written great books (including Practical Paleo) and also hosts a popular podcast (Balanced Bites) with Liz Wolfe. Advice from a certified nutrition consultant with great recipes as well.

There are many others I follow including blogs of personal friends, personal finance blogs, humour blogs and various blogs on technology in general.

What are you reading?

Let me know of a blog I should be following that I have not listed here.


4 thoughts on “Blogs I Follow

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jane. I really think some health posts will end up here on the blog. I just can’t see the point to separating those out to a separate blog and I need to write about that somewhere.

    1. Thank you Alfred. I am seriously considering for apply for the CSTA board as either international or university faculty representative. I think 2014 is definitely going to be an interesting year.

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