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I wrote about engagement before and how important that is. In my experience I have had the best success in reaching my shy students by getting to know them at some personal level. I like to ask questions like “where did they go to high school”, “what sports do you play”, “what do you read”.

Sometimes the Small Gestures Matter

But some days a smile is enough to break through the stress of project week, exam week or whatever is weighing on my students. Smiles indeed are powerful, just ask Ron Gutman.

Better yet, Make them Laugh

A smile is extremely powerful one-on-one, but I also find that making my students laugh through any method (in the right context) is a quick opener or a great closure to the school week.

Jonathan Bergman sent a nice tweet this morning on just this topic:

Photo credit

Photo today courtesy of D. Sharon Pruitt for Free Happy Girl in Glasses

Happy Friday Everyone

So, smile today and make someone laugh. Tell me your thoughts below.


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