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I have been intrigued by an open classroom model for a few years now in order to expose my students’ work to a wider community.

I’m probably going to make the leap next semester, I’m not sure how open since that will take some negotiating with administration here as well as the students in the classroom, stay tuned.

Why Now?

The tools are there and I have always been big on not just teaching theory to my students (mostly computer science and engineers) but also arming them with tools they can continue to use in their careers.  I am hoping combining exposure to new (for them) tools along with having their work “out there” will provide some interesting dynamics.

Which Tools?

I’ve been using Moodle for ages but the students are just not interested (post upcoming, still pending), so I think some WordPress spin will be the central platform. It is open source, has many plugins available to do what I need and we can always develop others we need to create.  Ryan Cordell wrote a nice post last year about his jump into this space over at ProfHacker.

Since my students all write code and projects that are code-centric I will have them host on GitHub or Bitbucket.

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Original photo courtesy of Elne on Flickr

What tools are you using?

Let me know your thoughts and share what tools you are using below.

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