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As part of my experiment in flipping my classrooms, I searched for options for producing videos.  My university campus provides support to create fully produced videos but I wanted something lightweight that I could use myself to produce videos using my laptop.

There are many options available for whichever platform you are using. I tried some free options and some non-free options and made a decision to put a small investment into a tool for producing videos.

After my research, I purchased TechSmith’s Camtasia for Mac (educational pricing available) to start making videos on my own.  My university was going to purchase this for me but I’m an impatient man so decided not to wait for the paperwork and used my credit card instead.

This is a great piece of software that is easy to use but provides many features to produce a really great looking video for any purpose. I’ve only made a few videos to share with my students so far and the quality is so low I’m not about to share them here now (perhaps next week).  Expect to see any videos I create shared to my YouTube channel soon enough.

I highly recommend that anyone looking to provide content outside the classroom (whether flipping or not) to look into this package (available for Mac and Windows) and they provide a 30 day free trial which gives you access to the full features.

The video linked here is the first in a series of videos they produced to walk you through creating your first video.  You will learn to record, edit and share your video to Youtube or their own Screencast.com service.  You can find more tutorials on this packages as well as other products from TechSmith on their Tutorials Page.  The tutorials are very well done and easy to follow. Give them a try.

Are you making videos using Camtasia or some other software?  Are you flipping your classroom? Please share your experiences or tips.

Disclaimer: I do not have any affiliation with TechSmith and am simply a user of their product and wish to share this with my colleagues.

4 thoughts on “Creating Videos for Flipping Your Classes

  1. Arturo Hernández says:

    I just used it today to produce a simple tutorial for the teachers in my department and it worked.

    1. Ken says:

      Great! We should get a group together to share tips on using this.

  2. Channa Connolly says:

    I use http://screencast-o-matic.com/
    Any computer…anytime…anywhere….:0)

    1. Ken says:

      Thanks Channa, I’ll have to take a look at this option.

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