StandupWkstn_SeptUpdate on my Standup Workstation

So I posted back in July about my standup workstation. I had just started using this setup and wanted to post about it.

That was two months ago so I figured it was time to do a short update considering the office move combined with two months of using this configuration.

Thoughts on my experience

I will say that I really like the setup but definitely recommend taking breaks often as well as well as using some kind of foam mat to give your feet a break.  I use the Pomodoro Technique most of the time, so I program breaks often already.

I also switch to sitting in my chairKen Reading by my office window to read or review papers for some parts of each day. Combine that with going to class most days and other visits out of my office and I probably spend about 5 hours per day standing at this setup total.

So I still recommend this. I feel great working this way and it always leads to conversations with people walking by my office since my door is open often as well as having my blinds open to the people passing in the hallway.

Of course, other people passing by ask me what the heck this is: mysteryMark Sisson just posted on his blog today an article and linked video about the topic, feel free to head on over to read that one as well. I really enjoy “Mark’s Daily Apple” and read it often. “Grok On”

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