A couple weeks back I posted on Google+: “If this is good enough for +Kevin Michaluk then I can definitely see using this at work” (link to post here).

I figured instead of waiting around for my employer to kick in and buy me a new standing desk I would go ahead and do my own version. Modular furniture is meant to be moved around, right?

Standing Desk
My quick standing desk.

A few articles/reviews for those interested:

Updates as I move forward with this.

August 1, 2013:  From Mark’s Daily Apple: 15 Tips for Standup Workstation Users

3 thoughts on “Standing Desks

    1. Ah, you saw the yellow pages. :)
      Honestly, if this works as well as I think it does I would definitely invest. We spend more time at our desks working (well, some of us) than we do in a bed sleeping. And we all know how important it is to invest in a good comfortable bed.
      First I’ll fine tune the heights here and should probably get a good soft mat to stand on, something like this looks good.

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