I will be teaching a professional development class this week on Flipping the Classroom (Thursday from 3pm-6pm) and we are already receiving requests for other sessions for those that cannot make it. I sure hope I live up to the demand for knowledge!

Since this is a class about flipping the class, I assigned a small amount of pre-course homework and hope that most of the students come prepared. Yes I know that teachers make the worst students, myself included.

I also want to point out a couple related posts while I am on the subject.

Friday, September 6th is “Global Flipped Day”, you can read more in Jon Bergmann‘s post but I include an excerpt here:

It all started at ed.Ted.com:  An idea spawned by Mark Wilson about a way to spread the Flipped Classroom around the world. And today, I am proud to announce that on September 6, 2013, the Flipped Learning Network™ will host the first “Flip Your Classroom Day: A Global Initiative.”  On Flipped Day  – 9-6-2013 — educators across the globe will take a pledge to flip one lesson to experience Flipped Learning, with the expectation this leads to further flipped units or an entire course. For more information, visit flippedday.org

Original post at http://jonbergmann.com/global-flipped-day-96/

Another recent post by Jon is titled “Five Mistakes to Avoid When Flipping Your Class”, I particularly like the fifth tip:

Watching one of our instructional videos is not the same thing as watching Batman on DVD.  Students need to interact cognitively with the video.  They need to be intentionally taught how to watch our video content.

Original post at: http://jonbergmann.com/five-mistakes-to-avoid/

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  1. Thanks for the interest Nancy. You need to be faculty/staff at our university campus. I don’t recognize you by name so do not know if you are. If you are indeed here, you would contact “Desarrollo Académico” on campus.

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