Oh yeah, I should be Blogging more

Reflections in November


So for various reasons I decided to move back to WP.com hosting instead of my self-hosted WordPress installation.

The export/import migration chewed up many of my images which forced me to review each post for broken images and patch them up.

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One Thousand

Over 1000.
Over 1000.

One Thousand Views

I started this working year with a plan to write close to one post per day. Secretly, I also set a goal of breaking 1000 page views in a month sometime in this first semester.

Stick to the Plan

This is my 14th post since Monday January 6th which is 14 for 19 calendar days or we can view it as 14 for 15 work  days. That seems close to my goal so far this month.

One could also say that is also 14 for 24 so far and the truth is I would like to average close to one post per calendar day.  If we include 3 posts so far this month on my blog at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara, the numbers look closer to that goal.

Achievement Unlocked

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WordPress in the Classroom

WordPress Official Logo, click for site.
WordPress Official Logo, click for site.

WordPress Blogs for Projects

This semester I am teaching a course which is project based and the students are developing applications for Android in small teams. This is first time I have taught this course and the first time in over a year that I am teaching an upper level course in our program. The program was closed (long story) for two years and re-opened just over two years ago so we now have students in their 6th semester of studies of a nice semester program.

Sharing their Work

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