Numbers and Games

Entry 496 for Sunday August 22, 2021

The core questions:

Credit goes to Ben and readers of his blog for these “Four Questions” and the five stretch questions.

  1. What did you do today? Cleanup and organizing housework; attended mass with family; birthday cake for Roberto; my day to do all the dishes at home which led to a large stack of them.
  2. What did you enjoy? Seeing family members for lunch and cake.
  3. What did you find difficult? The mass we went to was at least 80% filled. Only 1 in 6 of the pews were blocked off and there was also a crowd at the back of the church. I understood we were still supposed to be at half capacity in churches but may not? Or people just aren’t following the rules. The organist and other singer took their masks off to sing #sigh. The numbers in Jalisco are record level, this should not be happening.
  4. What has changed? Jalisco moved from red to orange despite numbers increasing in the past week. I would assume this is a political decision before return to classes programmed on August 30 for most schools. One other note is the playing with numbers: increase number of hospital beds to decrease the percentage occupied when the raw number of occupied beds increased. If I remember correctly, the score card uses percentage for the rating system to determine traffic light for the week.

Featured Image Credit

  Acrylics on canvas painting with single digit numbers with a colorful background.
“Numbers” flickr photo by mollycakes shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-ND) license

Today’s Reading/Listening

A few chapters of “Data and Goliath” while cleaning and washing the dishes.

Video Release

Nope, hoping this lull ends soon.


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