Natural Hat Trick

Entry 313 for Saturday February 20, 2021

The core questions:

Credit goes to Ben and readers of his blog for these “Four Questions” and the five stretch questions.

  1. What did you do today? Relaxing day; reinstalled Linux (Linux Mint Cinnamon); listened/watched the #Oilers destroy the Flames 7 to 1 including Connor McDavid’s second natural hat trick (both were against the Flames); stayed up late.
  2. What did you enjoy? That #Oilers game was great, I spent most of it listening rather than watching as I do enjoy the radio call of Jack Michaels.
  3. What did you find difficult? The weeks seem to be blending together. We are doing well and are all healthy but not having “going out” time really can be draining.
  4. What has changed? Close to a year of working from home, there are rumblings of some partial return plans.

Featured Image Credit

Photo of Connor McDavid in practice gear, 2015.
“Connor McDavid” flickr photo by nunymare shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

Today’s Reading/Listening

Caught up on all my podcasts today, listening queue now empty but it will fill up again soon.

Video Released Today

No weekend video




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