Long Day

Entry 308 for Monday February 15, 2021

The core questions:

Credit goes to Ben and readers of his blog for these “Four Questions” and the five stretch questions.

  1. What did you do today? An extremely busy day with 6 hours of classes; recorded and released a #TechEduTips video about adding additional hosts for a Zoom session (in Spanish); #TC2005B morning session; #TC3045 with activities using Hyposthes.is and Google slides centered on the classic “No Silver Bullet” paper; afternoon #educoffee with Pablo M. and Jorge P.; meeting about the Tec #CyberHUB with Paty and Jaime from Kaspersky; evening #TC2005B class; caught the end of the #Oilers vs Jets game (we lost in 6-5 barn burner) and a stew dinner was a great made by Aurelia.
  2. What did you enjoy? The activities for #TC2005B went really well. I think this was the best activity around Hypothes.is that I have managed.
  3. What did you find difficult? That long day was draining.
  4. What has changed? Into week two of the semester and just adjusting to the rhythm.

Featured Image Credit

Long shadows after a long day on a Thursday afternoon.
“2017/365/334 Shadow.” flickr photo by kenbauer https://flickr.com/photos/ken_bauer/23890212007 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

Today’s Reading/Listening

Too busy really to get much reading in today.

Video Released Today





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