Entry 017 for Friday April 30, 2020

The core questions:

Credit goes to Ben and readers of his blog for these “Four Questions” and the five stretch questions.

  1. What did you do today? I prepared and presented a draft video for a project “Profesores Expertos Digitales” as the lead presenter for our zone (Rectoría Occidente) of the School of Engineering and Science. Four colleagues shared their short videos which I spliced together with mine into a 4 minute and 16 second clip (target was four minutes). Saying something in 45 seconds is difficult! I shouldn’t share the other’s work but an initial draft of mine is linked here and embedded below talking about my #educoffee project. This one in Spanish but I plan to make one in English to describe the project better. #Educoffee in the morning with Miguel and Rebecca, student-time (“office hours) with Luis (#TC1028), Israel (#TI4022) and apologies to Max and Braulio for missing our appointments. Another afternoon #educoffee with Cinthya and Mahdi. Prepared a pasta alfredo with grilled chicken for the family before a late class for #TI2011 with guest speaker Jorge Suárez. We beta-tested “name that tune” after the guest speaker. I think the students liked that. Cheers to Dean Shareski for the idea.
  2. What did you enjoy? I was hesitant to share the #educoffee as my choice of techniques to share. I could share about my students blogging (connectivism), about #ungrading, about just plain old #flipclass, mastery or a range of tools. Perhaps imposterism was showing but the project/idea was well received by those making decisions for the school. Nice.
  3. What did you find difficult? The same as #2. Imposterism was kicking in hard. I know this #educoffee is a good project and it helps me and I have heard good comments from colleagues. Now I am feeling I need to pull together all those comments into some archive to write about it later which in some ways defeats the purpose of it just being a time to relax during each day.
  4. What has changed? I have always been very bad at making myself (consciously or purposely) visible. That may seem strange as I do blog and share openly as part of my practice as an open education practitioner but I rarely go out of my way to make that visible to my institution. I think some of the leaders in my environment are taking notice. Imposterism makes me nervous but perhaps I do deserve some credit sometimes.

    And then, the stretch questions:

  5. What are you grateful for? Family and cooking. I have a job that I love working with wonderful students.
  6. Which changes do you want to keep? A suggestion from Sonia Virdi. Not all of the changes are bad – for example, more flexible work from home policies, a stronger social safety net for some workers, and cleaner air. What is worth holding onto?
  7. What are you scared of? It’s not always productive to give voice to our fears, but sometimes they need to be written down.
  8. What has stayed the same? A suggestion from Ben Seymour. Not everything is in flux. Some things are constants, but everyone’s constants are different. What are they for you?
  9. When did you last laugh? A suggestion from Edith Speller. Think back to the last time you laughed – it was probaby in an intimate moment that says a lot about your life and your current situation. Where you find humor and light tells a whole story.

Explaining #educoffee in Spanish

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