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The main purpose of this post is for my colleagues at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. We received an official announcement yesterday (students, parents and staff) about our plans going forward as a proactive measure to the Covid-19 pandemic. We currently have no known cases in our community but are transitioning online until we review the situation later in the semester. Others may find use in this post and I hope that it does help.

You can find that official announcement (in Spanish) in the pdf linked at the top of the page provided by the Tec about Covid-19 (updated link here, leaving old one for historical purposes ) :

To start, this is pretty much a bullet list pointing to other resources but I plan to inject some of my own advice in here. Feel free to give me feedback and suggestion links in the comments or contact me via email.

Links to Live Documents with tips

Links to Blog Posts by colleagues in my social network in no particular order

Links to Video Tutorials and/or Resources

Upcoming (I will update with recording links) Online video

Past Video Sessions

  • This one from Virtually Connecting, “Missed Conversation: Open for a Cause #2”
  • Continuity with Care During #COVID-19 #unboundeq Conversation

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 Students learn from those who care

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Students learn from those who care

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