My presentation slide deck for a one hour session on Monday morning.


  • “The web is not something that was happening to them but that they were happening to the web”  Martha Burtis, Domains 2017 Keynote.

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Videos (and audio) shared during the Hour

Thanks to Alan Levine (in the comments below), the audio for Martha Burtis’ keynote at Domains17 can be found via Grant Potter’s site.| Embedded audio below


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Laptop stickers on my personal laptop
2017/365/170 Laptop Look. flickr photo by kenbauer shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA) license

3 thoughts on “RNP 2017 – Domain of One’s Own

      1. Actually, I remember reading Grant’s post and that explains where I found and downloaded the audio file to listen to later.

        One awesome extra in the audio is that I feel like I am sitting next to you, Alan Levine, listening to the talk together with your laughter interspersed with the keynote!

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