Conference Keynote Presentation

Title Slide from Presentation

I am presenting my keynote by the title of “Stimulating Innovation from Below. Engage Your Faculty.” today at this conference (I won’t translate it):

Primer Congreso Internacional, “La Universidad Pública del Siglo XXI, formando ciudadanos del mundo”.

Thank you to the organizers for the invitation, it was a splendid three days networking and learning from other educators.

I should probably come back here to leave more notes but for now, I’ll just leave the link to the slide deck where you can also find links to the source PowerPoint (created from an export from HaikuDeck, I am a subscriber and have export to editable powerpoint) as well as a pdf version of the slides and most importantly some notes (in pdf) that include links and references to sources.

The Slides

If that embed link does not work for you, follow this link here

Invitation for Feedback

Feel free to share this and comment below, I’m always looking for connections to converse with and learn from.



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