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I’ve been using Moodle as my preferred Learning Management System (LMS) since 2003, so I have been using it since version 1.

Many people have asked why I use Moodle and not one of the many other Learning Management Systems. I’ve been thinking about this lately and it comes down to the following:

  • I am a tinkerer and decided to try Moodle shortly after it was released
  • I am now very familiar with how Moodle works so am comfortable working in it
  • I really like to have full control of the environments I work in. Moodle is Open Source and I have always controlled the Moodle installation I work with
  • My students prefer Moodle over the other option on campus and the faculty using my Moodle do as well

I just upgraded our Moodle to the latest version 2.5 and really have not had time to check out what is new. We currently have just five faculty members hosting courses over the past year since I resurrected the setup and are looking for more to “come on board”. If you are interested, feel free to contact me and I can get you setup.

2 thoughts on “Moodle for my Courses Please

  1. Hello Ken,
    Revisando, pues Blackboard que es el sistema oficial del Tec de Monterrey, contiene los datos oficiales de BANNER, entonces a lo mejor seria bueno que pensaras en de alguna manera tratar de obtener los datos oficiales de alumnos, materias, grupos, faltas, calificaciones, etc, por medio de nosotros, con alguna especie de servicio web o cronjobs, para facilitar el trabajo de la academia en el uso de Moodle, revisalo con Gustavo Tamayo o primeramente con tu jefe para revisar esas opciones, asi puedas mejorar tu propuesta de valor del uso de Moodle en el campus.


    1. Great! I would love to do this and I have implemented something similar before at the University of Alberta with an authentication over LDAP. We should sit down for coffee and talk about what is being pushed/pulled from/to BB and BANNER.

      Ideally, we want to move the Moodle *inside* a campus server and not hosted outside. That would be excellent too.

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