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Note: this is copied directly from the original post on June 26, 2019 (Version 1.3 (June 29, 2019; version history)) by Larry Sanger which you can find at https://larrysanger.org/2019/06/declaration-of-digital-independence/ which is is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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Earlier this year I posted about my move away from silos with my #FacebookFreeFebruary. That is documented along with other “silo-quits” at https://indieweb.org/silo-quits#Ken_Bauer

===== original by Larry Sanger between these markers =====

Humanity has been contemptuously used by vast digital empires. Thus it is now necessary to replace these empires with decentralized networks of independent individuals, as in the first decades of the Internet. As our participation has been voluntary, no one doubts our right to take this step. But if we are to persuade as many people as possible to join together and make reformed networks possible, we should declare our reasons for wanting to replace the old.

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