This year I started the first day of school with a Kahoot (introduced to me by Crystal Kirch at FlipCon14). The kids didn’t know me and I didn’t know them. However, my Kahoot was about me, my family, my activities, and about the class, expectations, what flipping was, etc. By playing the kahoot, the kids learned about me (found out that I have a cochlear implant, that I have a black belt in karate, that I love to shoot my pistol, that I have one son, and a husband that is also a math teacher, etc) and also about policies, procedures, and what flipping is all about. They loved it. Just the idea of them being allowed to use their cell phones in my class was a bonus. I also gave the rules (flipped classes do have to have rules and structures too!) this way. I had prizes for the the top student, a $5 gift card to Sweet Frog. No more lecturing on that first day, and no more information disseminated in a boring way. 100 % participation.