Hi Ken, I agree with you, academic retreats offer a great environment to inspire, create and share ideas that can become valuable projects. I enjoyed this time with colleagues, exchanging ideas and getting to know each other a little bit more.
TEC 21 is a fabulous challenge because it test our engagement with the institution and with our daily activities with the students. It requires passion, compromise and a great deal of discipline.
To me it was surprising to find out about other projects our colleges are doing for some time now that some of us didn´t know about or didn´t have a lot of information on that. During the workshop we had the opportunity to discover that we have in common the desire to innovate our teaching activities, the creative impulse to transform our roles in the classroom and the passion for knowledge.
I am grateful to have the opportunity to attend this academic retreat. I am sure very good transformations and changes will come out of this experience towards the road to TEC 21.

Reading my own message I came to the understanding that I could have posted it in my web page, to start the habit…as you said “a short post is better that none”, or something like that. Anyway, as soon as I´m done with the Page 1 of my course I will visit my webpage and write my thoughts on the experience.

Saludos Ken!