Big Five Workout

Summer is a Time for Shift

Time for a workout but first some reflection on summer.

I very rarely teach very the summer. The main reason is that I really like to use this time to reflect and plan for the next academic year. I have a bunch of posts in the queue on teaching which I need to get out soon. My shift to coaching other teachers in Flipped Learning and technology in education over the last six months really restricted the time I wanted to use for posting

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F is for Flexible Environment

Pillars of Flipped Learning

Flipped Learning Network LogoThe Flipped Learning Network (FLN) announced a formal definition of the term “Flipped Learning” back in March, you should go read that definition on their site here.

You may choose to agree with parts and have disagreements with other parts of the definition but I think it is important that the FLN set out this definition to give us talking points and a concrete document to point people to

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First Steps with Flipped Professional Development

Flipped Professional Development

This week I started a course on Flipped Learning for about 70 teachers in the RZO (Rectoria Zona Occidente) as part of their professional development program. This course is given online in a format that is an experiment for myself and the teachers in the course.

I’ve never done a course like this and this is the first time that I am teaching to people that I can’t reach out and physically touch in the classroom. There are in fact two colleagues from Campus Guadalajara in the course so I have some direct feedback which I think will help me.

My Fears

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Why I Teach April 2014 Edition

What it means to Teach

What it means to Teach and Learn
This morning I received a message from a student which made my day.

Happy birthday Ken! And thanks for what you do every day for students and education. I follow you on Twitter (I am a quiet twitter) and I admire the passion with which you promote this new style of education. You are certainly one of the best teachers I had in my school days. Regards!

This is why I teach. I have the ability to impact the way students learn and prepare for life-long learning. In fact lately I’ve been trying to have a larger impact by sharing my experiences and ideas with other teachers.

Of course, I learn from my students and colleagues at least as much as they learn from me.

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Flipped Mastery Classes

I’m finishing up my 4th semester of applying a flipped classroom and with some encouragement from my peers I decided to “take it to the next level” this semester. Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams call this the Flipped Mastery Method.

This semester my classes have a list of topics that each student needs to demonstrate their mastery in. The format for showing their mastery is completely open and graded on an OSU (Outstanding, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory) scale.

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Focus on the Goal

focus courtesy

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Trying to Focus

We are getting into the heart of our semester here at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara and the students are writing their “first partial” exams this week and next. I mentioned on Facebook that my writing dropped off while trying to kick off two of my main projects for this year.

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ACM Student Chapter

Our ACM Student Chapter

I was the faculty sponsor when we first formed our Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter back in 2002. The chapter went dormant after a few years of great success.

Last year (actually back in the Fall of 2012), some students (in particular Manuel Becerra) reactivated our chapter and have been doing an excellent job organizing events and growing our local student chapter.

We won an award last evening which I was unable to attend, but here is the scanned reward to share this with everyone involved.

So Proud

Good job everyone, keep up the good work.

ACM Student Chapter, local award

ACM Student Chapter, local award

One Thousand

Over 1000.

Over 1000.

One Thousand Views

I started this working year with a plan to write close to one post per day. Secretly, I also set a goal of breaking 1000 page views in a month sometime in this first semester.

Stick to the Plan

This is my 14th post since Monday January 6th which is 14 for 19 calendar days or we can view it as 14 for 15 work  days. That seems close to my goal so far this month.

One could also say that is also 14 for 24 so far and the truth is I would like to average close to one post per calendar day.  If we include 3 posts so far this month on my blog at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Guadalajara, the numbers look closer to that goal.

Achievement Unlocked

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